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Join by location and attribute or rotate by street angle.

February 24 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: Symbology

Is it possible to join feature class "A" with closest object of feature class "B" with the same attribute as "A". Or maybe you can advice me any other method to place labels of houses and rotate them by angle corresponding to closest street segment, assuming that streets and houses have common attribute.
Thanks a lot.

Mapping Center Answer:

There is a tool in the ArcToolbox Cartography Toolset that is just what you need -- it is called "Align marker to stroke or fill" and it aligns the representation marker symbols of a point feature class to the nearest stroke or fill representation symbols in a line or polygon feature class, within a specified search distance. Because this uses cartographic representations, you need an ArcInfo level license.

Rotate house labels posted by Sean McVeigh on Jul 2 2010 9:25AM
With reference to the original question, I am trying to do the same function, but the labels to be aligned are text strings (house numbers) and these don't appear to work with the 'Align Marker' tool. I have converted the layer to Representations, but when I select this in the tool dialog box, a message says "Invalid Geometry Type". Is there a way to set an alignment in the same way as marker symbols, but with text from a particular column from a layer?

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