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Rotation of label by street angle 2

February 24 2009 | 0 comments

Maybe you can help me, I need to rotate labels of houses, using angle of closest segment of street. The point is that closest street is not always street I need. For example House has attribute "StrID" = 100, closest street has "StrID" = 200, but I need to rotate label by angle of street with StrID = 100, which may be even quite far away from house.

I was trying to split street in vertices, then use spatial join with houses, for those houses with "StrID" conflicts (house StrID <> Joined StrID) I was using join by attribute. Problem is when street has complex shape so angle I receive is not the angle of rotation of label which must be for this house.

I was trying to ask this question yesterday ( but I think I didn't expressed myself clear enough so you misunderstood me.

Thanks a lot.

Mapping Center Answer:

What you would have to do is extract the features you do NOT want in the analysis, run the tool, save the results to a new layer, and then bring that back into your display.

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