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Townships and Ranges

March 06 2009 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data

How could a person input or import given townships and ranges into Arcmap? I have no idea how I would go about this. I need all the help that anybody can give me.

Mapping Center Answer:

You could start with using the ArcGIS Online service for PLSS:

Look at the end of the 3rd row for the PLSS service.

If you really need the data, click the Description link below the sample picture in the service; the popup has a link to where you can download the data.

PLSS to ArcGIS posted by Timothy Smothers on Mar 23 2009 4:29PM
This is the BLM's GeoCommunicator page, the BLM manages the GCDB (government corner database) for the western states (having PLSS) - they now have a web mapping tool the GeoCommunicator that allows users to extract and download the PLSS for use. If the GCDB model has been adjusted then this is a good way to grab the latest and greatest from the managers of the data. I am unclear whether the ESRI service links directly to this area or not - if it does, great, use it, if it doesn't it may be prudent to grab the information from here as it will be of best quality with respect to the ground control. The BLM is also extremely helpful with regards to their data - each state (excepting OK who use NM as their rep (I believe)) has a steward for their GCDB records - giving you information down to the GLO.

Timothy Smothers, GISP
City of Peoria AZ
service broken? posted by Bob Perham on Nov 15 2010 4:45PM
I downloaded a layer file for this service a while back and it no longer seems to be working and it is no longer a listed service in the link above. What gives?

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