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How to get good Google or ArcGIS Online Road Linework?

March 13 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data, Symbology

What is the best recommended way to get a good multi-scale map with good cartographic quality.

My current process has me creating 4-6 different sets of road layers, each with different road symbology (I am using TeleAtlas Multi-Net with there 8 classes of roads) for each of my scale steps.

So I end up creating sets of roads, each with different size of text and graphics, then creating a set of shadow layers that underly all of the other streets so I can a clean looking footprint.

These are being used to create maps for online use that use our core data but have a similar look and feel to the other published sources.

What do you recommend? Is there a standard way that ArcGIS Online maps are symbolized that is a benchmark.

Thanks for your feedback!

Mapping Center Answer:

You're on the right track.  Frankly, we're a few months behind you in terms of supplying documentation and resources that would give you a practical response.  The short story is that we are planning to release a number of the map documents that we've used to create our ArcGIS online map services (among other map documents).  The idea is that you'll be able to see exactly how we've constructed our maps, and as a result be able construct your own that are use your better local data to replace our larger scales or add more detailed scales that we provide.  If you have a moment to check out, under the Industries heading, there is a link for Water Utilities.  In the Template Gallery, check out the "Water Distribution Operations Dashboard"; it contains several example MXDs that typify the sort of thing we are working on.

That said, it's good deal easier to talk about making these maps than to actually make them.  As you're also seeing much of the data were intended for some purpose other than mapping, so the specific selections of features and the geoprocessing of them to put them into better condition for mapping is a critical portion of the information we'd like to be transferring.

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