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Highlighting a route

March 17 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Is it possible to highlight a route? I have been asked to make some route maps with the routes highlighted.

Mapping Center Answer:

If you have the Network Analyst extension, you can do this easily (if your data are set up to create routes), and you can even create a routes feature layer. This feature layer stores routes that are part of a given vehicle routing problem analysis layer. Here is a link to the online help that describes how this works.

If you do not have this extension, but you are able to select all of the features that make up the route, you can do one of two things:

1. Add an attribute that identifies each route (for example, add a ROUTE1 attribute as a short integer field and give all those features that make up the route a value of 1, do the same for ROUTE2, ROUTE3, and so on.) Then use that attribute to uniquely symbolize those linear features differently from the other lines in your network.

2. Select the features that make up a route and export them to a new feature class that you can lay over your other lines and symbolize differently. (This is not optimal as you will be always need to be making sure that the lines on the top completely cover up the lines under them, otherwise your map will look messy.)


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