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Can I create an override for a feature class to make not come through a transparency on a layer?

March 18 2009 | 0 comments

I have a base map layer (tiff) then a polygon layer with a 30% transparency set on top. Next I have some lines then annotations to top everything off. I need to mask the annotations over the lines to match the color of the polygons, I need to apply the same transparency (30%) to the mask polygons created in order for the colors to match. But now the lines show through the masks I created. Can I override the transparency not allowing the lines to come through the mask polygons transparency layer? Or is there a better way to go about this such as overriding symbology for the lines where annotations intersect?

Mapping Center Answer:

The answer is to use variable depth masking.  Here is an Ask a Cartographer answer that describes how to use this:

I have attached an example of how I used this to break the lines under the text but allowed the polygons with 30% transparency over a raster aerial image map to show through.

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