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How to Export high quality maps for printing?

March 19 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing

I am having many problems exporting a high quality map for a large format printer. I am using ArcMap 9.3 and a Canon iPF9000. The map is 52x64 inches and includes raster and vector data. I have tried exporting as a jpeg, tiff, png, pdf, ai, eps, and emf. All files are corrupted at 600dpi. A relatively decent color map was created at 450dpi (240mb)jpg and converted to pdf for printing purposes. The annotation and road lines are not smooth. The black and white maps are absolutely horrendous. At 525dpi and jpg of the black and white was created and the pdf warped upside down and mirrored. If anyone has any suggestions on how to print high quality maps,(without using Arcpress because the printer isn't supported) please inform me on how to accomplish this. Thanks

Mapping Center Answer:

There are many potential causes to such problems.  The online help for troubleshooting such issues is quite good, though may require some patience as often, more than one issue is causing problems.  Start with the online help topic called, Printing a Map.  There are some useful links in there.  If this turns out to be too many options, and not helpful, you, or anyone in this situation should contact technical support as they have the resources to determine the exact cause(s) and help you get a high quality print produced.

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