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Working with River Labels - specify maximum of bend

March 19 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex


I am using the "river placement" in maplex. The issue that I am having is that the label is being positioned within a sharp bend. As a result part of the label appears upside down from the other portion.

-Is there a way to force labels to be positioned so that there is a maximum angle or bend between each letter, and/or have maplex try to follow the river and if it cannot only curve the label for a portion of the line?

Mapping Center Answer:

At this point this is a rather painful limitation with the river placement algorithm.  Basically it's not yet sufficiently intelligent to find the best place along a river to place a label.  So, sometimes it finds quite nearly the worst place and has a go at it.  The Maplex Team knows about this issue.

If you're producing annotation, it's relatively easy to use Feature Linked annotation (optional) along with the follow feature editing mode to drag the annotation to a better place.  One tip is that it's much faster to convert the annotation element to single part before using follow feature mode.

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