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Interpolation and Kriging; the methods behind the tools

September 27 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

I'm trying to make an interpolation whit kriging whit points of bathymetry, but i dont know the method that ArcGIS use for fit the parametres of the model. It uses least squares, maximum likelihood, or what?

Mapping Center Answer:

First, so you’ll be able to find answers to a broader set of questions, we have a help topic that gives an overview of the raster interpolation toolset available in the 3D Analyst. Then this help topic provides an overview of the interpolation toolset available in the Spatial Analyst. I usually use the Spatial Analyst tools, mostly out of habit now, so I’ll explain the rest based on that link. If you click on any of the listed methods at the bottom of that help topic, you will go to a topic that explains how to use the method, but at the top of that help topic there is a link to a “Learn more about how ____ works. Click on that and you will get the information about the research we based our algorithm on, with references at the bottom

Note that these help topics show the ArcGIS Web help and on the left you’ll see a table of contents that will indicate you are using the help in the geoprocessing tool reference. Thus you will have a one to one correlation with the tools in the toolbox.

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