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Link Layout Text to a Database (not a Geodatabase)

March 19 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements, Page Layout

I'm creating a group of maps and need to link my layout text (or title-block text as we refered to it in the CAD world) to an external database. This non geographic database holds data about each individual map, e.g. name, address, map number, etc.

Thanks for any tips.

Mapping Center Answer:

In our solutions to drive what we call dynamic text, i.e., text that gets its specific string from an extenral source, we either support operating system sources, like the current date/time or user name, or text in a field in a feature class (not specifically a geodatabase).  That said, we've got no expertise with CAD data, to know whether a CAD feature class will do this.

To get dynamic text, you can use either the MPS Atlas Extension ($) that is essentially a set of core general use map series tools from our PLTS extension, or use the ArcMapBook (free) extension.  Both allow you to drive a map series (which can be a series of 1 maps) using a polygon feature class where each row describes unique characteristics for a map sheet. 

Try the ArcMapBook solution (its free) and may be it will just work.

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