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Clipping Data frames to selected graphic frame

March 24 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Labeling, Map Elements

I have a label control issue that relates to mapping soils polygons and using 24K quad boundaries.  Many polygons and their respective labels are outside the quad boundaries and I'm trying to force labeling within the clipping extent. My data and view frame is all set-up and instead of clipping the traditional way, I tried to clip the data frame to the outline of a selected graphic (in this case, the quad boundary). Via data frame properties, I enable "Clip to shape" and click the Specify Shape bar to get to select dataframe clipping options. The "Outline of selected graphics" option is not active. My assumption is that this approach would also force labels to within the clipping extent in an expeditious manner, but I can't get there. What am I doing wrong? A print screen *.doc is attached. Thank You Very Much!

Mapping Center Answer:

From your document, the screenshot shows that you have a selected feature (your quad boundary), but no selected graphics.  Graphics would have to be added via the Draw toolbar.  In your case just use the selected feature option.

To ensure the labels do not cross your data frame or clipping frame boundary, you will need the Maplex Extension.  In the labeling toolbar, once the Maplex Extension is turned on, you can set the options (Labeling menu -> Options), where the second option is for Map Border, and by default is set (unchecked) as you need.

The "Outline of selected graphics" option is not a posted by kingsley Mmeje on Jul 17 2009 10:50AM
Make sure you are not on "layout view" when you use the draw toolbar to add graphic. Switch to "Data View" before adding the graphic. Then select the graphic before clicking the data frame properties.

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