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Represent Symbology Automatically

April 03 2009 | 4 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations

I have created a representation to a line feature class in a file geodatabase. I would like this representation to be the default symbology so that the data is loaded to an mxd, this symbology automatically shows. I have tried using representations and symbol levels, but cannot figure out how to do it. Can someone advise?

Mapping Center Answer:

There's no setting to do that--agreed it would be nice. 


Symbol Levels posted by Lauren Lauren on Apr 3 2009 8:16AM
I have received a geodatabase with a default symbology based on symbol levels. I know it is possible. I just cannot figure out how they did it... Any other thoughts?
Different problem posted by Charlie Frye on Apr 3 2009 8:26AM
Symbol levels operate on and independently of representation symbology. That said, without seeing your data where the symbol levels just work--I can't even guess about how or why it works.
Layer? posted by Eric Geddes on Jun 30 2009 3:07PM
Isn't this where you would use a Layer to encapsulate the goodness like representations and symbol levels?
A layer would work posted by Aileen Buckley on Jun 30 2009 6:39PM
Yes, a layer would wrok for this!

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