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Which version of SRTM3 is included on ESRI 9.3 Maps and Data DVDs

April 05 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I cant figure which version of the SRTM3 data is used in the ESRI Maps and Data DVDs. The latest version is 4....

Does anyone know?

Mapping Center Answer:

The metadata citation says it obtained by ESRI from USGS/EROS on 04/01/2008 and that it came from NASA as part of the 2008 edition.  That said, I couldn't find a way to download 3-Arc Second SRTM (the Seamless server just kept giving me the 1-Arc Second data)--meaning I don't have any way to potentially differentiate that from what's in our metadata.    

To catch everyone else up, here's the metadata abstract & purpose:

Abstract:  SRTM Global Digital Elevation Model (North Central, one of six data sets) represents an elevation map (between 60 degrees North and 56 degrees South latitude) of the world from the NASA/NGA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data sets from the U.S. Geological Survey's EROS Data Center. The resolution is 3 arc seconds (90 meters). The pixel value represents the elevation in meters. The version of the SRTM 3-arc-second data that served as the basis for the SRTM Global Digital Elevation Model data is the Version 2 "Finished" data in DTED Level 1 format that was created by NGA by subsampling SRTM 1-arc-second data.

Purpose: SRTM Global Digital Elevation Model provides a basemap layer, with all void areas filled by ESRI using the Delta Surface Fill method with GTOPO30 as the fill-in source, displaying global elevation information for geographic visualization on regional and national scales. The filled void areas are not of the same quality as the surrounding SRTM elevation values.

Here's a bit more information about SRTM and what's currently available:

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