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Removing patch borders from classified raster legends

April 07 2009 | 0 comments

Is there a way to remove the borders from legend patches of classified rasters? My map does not actually show borders; to accurately reflect the map, I feel that the legend should not either. I am stumped, however, as to how to accomplish this seemingly simple task. It seems strange that it is so simple with vector data but not with raster. Am I missing something?


Mapping Center Answer:

No - you are not missing anything.  Unfortunately, the ability to modify legends for raster data is much more limited than for vector data.  You will have to convert the legend to graphiss and work with the individual graphic elements.  For your map, you could crop the legend boxes so the border does not show and then reassemble the legend on the ma.  If you do this, it is best to regroup all the legend items so you can move them as one element.

However, there is another solution.  We wrote a blog entry a while back onmaking raster legends.  While the example is for a hyspometrically tinted map, but the same steps will work for most any raster data:  Creating a legend for hypsometrically tinted shaded relief.

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