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April 14 2009 | 1 comment
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Working for the Mapping Dpt of a Statistical Administration, I want to publish thematic maps on the web using a format that wouldn't require the user to have an ArcGIS license. So I adopted the PDF format. This allows me to publish different layers (which is good), but there is NO IDENTIFY function. How can I get this functionality? Thank you.

Mapping Center Answer:

In ArcGIS version 9.3 we added the ability to export the attributes of your data with your PDF file.  Check out the online help topic called Advanced PDF features to learn more about this.

A couple of quick suggestions for your maps:

1. Change the scale bar units to Kilometers.  

2.  Change the title to "Literacy Rate..."--"Illiteracy rate..." suggests that illiteracy is something to be achieved.  That will also make your legend a much more powerful communication tool.  A literacy rate of 0-10% is easier to understand and therefore more poignant than an illiteracy rate of 90-100% which is rather hard to understand.

North arrow? posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 14 2009 5:21PM
If you are showing statistical data, you are probably using an equal area projection. For most maps made with these projections, it is inappropriate to use a north arrow, since north is only "up" along the central meridian of the projection. This becomes even more evident for larger areas, so unless the extent of your study area is relatively small (say about the size of a U.S. county), you will probably want to remove the north arrow. You could add the graticule (latitude-longitude grid) if you think your readers really need an orientation indicator. However, if your map is like most, north is at the top for the center of the map. Most people already understand this and most thematic maps are not used to measure direction, so you can leave an orientation indicator off your map entirely. Hope this helps!

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