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ArcScene Symbol Display Issues Arc9.2

April 24 2009 | 2 comments
Categories: 3D Mapping, Symbology

I have a point shapefile containing windspeed and direction information for each point. I want to display the symbols graduated based on windspeed and then rotate the arrows based on direction. Using an arrow as the symbol. All simple enough and easily done in ArcMap. However, in arcscene I seem unable to do this. Every time I change the symbol from its defaulted point to an arrow the data no longer will display in ArcScene. If I leave it as a point it drapes on the terrain and displays just fine.

Is it possible that some symbols can not be used in ArcScene or do not display properly?

Mapping Center Answer:

The Arrow symbol style is not properly supported in ArcScene. Instead:

  1. Use the 3D Simple Marker Symbol option and a Cone.
  2. Set a 90 degree Y-rotation to get the cone pointing 'across' like an arrow.
  3. Set the azimuth rotation as per normal.

Perhaps this is what you are after.

Cone Display Size posted by Ili Iord on Jul 14 2011 12:47PM
I have the exact same problem, trying to display wind arrows (speed and direction) over a river basin. Although the cones do display, their size is VERY small comapred to the size of the terrain and I cannot find a way to make them fairly visible when viewing my study area as a whole. (the coodrinate system I use uses meters as its display unit)
Size property posted by Aileen Buckley on Aug 4 2011 4:47PM
Setting the size property of the symbol should take care of this. Also, just as a note, you probably want to use an arrow symbol instead of a cone, which is a less than opticmal substitute.

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