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Overlapping point symbols

April 29 2009 | 2 comments
Categories: Symbology

I am creating a map book (144 outputs) involving a point feature class where most of the points are located very close together. Using the scale at which I need to generate my maps, the points look like a blob and my labels are not clear. Is there any way I can use a cartographic representation (leaving my point geometry intact) to display the points and labels in a way so they are readable? It is not feasable for me to go through by hand and individually nudge every point.

Mapping Center Answer:

We wrote a couple of blog entries on displacing overlapping points - one uses Maplex and two use the Disperse Markers tool:

Displaying Coincident Points - this uses Maplex

How to scatter stacked or clustered marker symbols for point features and Using the Disperse Markers tool to show community amenities - these use a Cartography tool called Disperse Markers.

Hopefully one of these will provide the solution you are looking for. If now, write back!


Only with extensions ? posted by Francois Sprumont on Apr 3 2015 5:44AM
Interesting post but am i wrong or we need particular extensions or licence to access these tools ?
No, but... posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 3 2015 9:19AM
The approach that uses Maplex can be done by anyone since that is ships standard with the software. The Disperse Markers tool requires and Advanced level of the software (not Basic or Standard). Neither require extensions, though.

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