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Feet and Meters in Elevation Legend

May 05 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Elements

Is there an easy way to display both Feet and Meters for an Elevation classification in the Legend?

Mapping Center Answer:

The easy way would be to simply add graphic text to indicate the elevation in whatever units the legend is not automatically shown in.  Then if you group the legend and the graphic text that you add, you will be assured that the relative placement is retained should you reposition the legend.

However, the legend that is created automatically for raster data is not really the optimal legend for hypsometrically tinted (and presumably also hillshaded) maps.  Take a look at this blog entry to see how you can modify this legend so it looks like what you would find on a professionally-made elevation map:

Creating a legend for hypsometrically tinted shaded relief


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