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Edit legend style

May 08 2009 | 0 comments

Is there a way to edit legend styles? When I go to legend properties, there are many options, but not one that has everything I want. It seems in style manager there is a way to create a new style, but I can't find any information on editing that style.

Mapping Center Answer:

One easy way to create a new legend style is to use Style Manager to copy an existing legend style from a style such as the into whatever style file you want the legend style to be in. (Note that you have to copy from a Legend Items folder into another Legend Items folder.) Then edit the style. When you click OK on the Legend Item dialog, your changes will be saved. You can apply that legend style in ArcMap by right clicking the legend, clicking Properties, then clicking Styles and selecting the legend style you edited.

To learn more about working with symbols and styles, see the presentation we gave at the 2007 ESRI User Conference. Go to the Other Resources page on Mapping Center and scroll down to "Getting to Know Symbols and Styles in ArcGIS". There is a PDF of our PowerPoint presentation with full bottom notes.

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