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I need to make up some nice maps for my organization. I only have an ArcView license.

October 16 2007 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design

I'm not a professional cartographer at all but I need to make up some nice maps for my
organization. I only have an ArcView license, and no fancy graphic editing programs. Where should I start? A specific question: How do I put professional-looking, labeled contour lines on my map. When I use Maplex it takes FOREVER to draw. Thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

You can actually accomplish quite a lot of “advanced” cartographic effects with an ArcView licence and your own creativity. Most of the additional ArcInfo functionality is within the ArcToolbox / Geoprocessing framework anyway, and your Layer Properties and Layout View tools are exactly the same.

Given the second part of your question, I think you will appreciate the ability to Convert Labels to Annotation and then edit annotation with ArcView. You will require this functionality to make the final placement edits for your contour text. Maplex can get you a long way, but eventually you will need to make final placement decisions for individual pieces of text, and you can only accomplish this by converting your contour labels to annotation.

The “speed” of Maplex, or even the standard ArcMap label engine, is primarily dependent upon data density and your computer hardware – lots of data simply takes time to draw. Are you using the Label Locking when you can? Using the Pause Drawing function? These might help your screen refresh rate. Also another reason to convert labels to annotation – you can always turn the annotation off, and you might see a bit of improved performance with draw rate.

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