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How to symbolize values in two fields using pie charts

May 12 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Symbology

Hello. I need to symbolize a point shapefile using a pie chart. The pie chart has two fields. Within each field are values which should be grouped on the basis of a third field. If I compare it to symbolizing using normal symbology, this would be a simple case of using 3 fields to symbolize according to category. The values which are to be grouped can then be done per hand, and thus presented in a map. Unfortunately, I cannot do this in ArcGIS with the present pie chart symbolising engine.

Mapping Center Answer:

You can show the amount of floor space in the store (I am guessing you would show the amount of space devoted to each department), or the periodic or a-periodic sales, values in the pie charts -- just follow the instructions for using pie charts. If you join the .xls file to the feature class, you can use the values that are right in the Excel file.

In regard to the problem of the overlapping symbols -- we have received that question before and have 2 or 3 solutions you can choose from.

Using one of the methods above for offsetting the symbols, along with simply using different symbols (that is, symbols that differ by color or shape), should take care of making the first map.

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