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Best way to Mosiac colorMap based rasters

May 12 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I have some ASRP [NATO standard Raster format] raster data sets (CDs) which I need to create a single raster dataset from (for each CD). I have had lots of problems mosiacing from taking an inordinate amount of time to taking all the CPU and system resources. Finally I got something that worked - I take each CD and create a Raster Catalog, I then perform a mosiac on each catalog with build pyramids turned off (if it is turned on there is no color map at the end). This is all done in code using Visual C++ and calls to the GeoProcessor. This worked for all the sets I had. I have now had some other ASRP data sets that loose the color map at the last part of the process (I can't find out exactly where). I am now trying to take each raster and converting the ColorMap into RGB and then mosiacing. I just wanted some advice on the best approach to mosaicing raster data with individual ColorMaps - may be I just should not be doing this. However the performance I see with mosiaced rasters over non-mosaiced in dynamic map mode is dramatic and our customers want very high performance.

Mapping Center Answer:

Creating a Raster Catalog (unmanaged), and then using Raster Catalog to Raster Dataset tool (to create a file format) is the correct workflow.

The issue "losing colormap if pyramids build is turned on" is a bug if it is true. The Raster Team will be checking this out.

If the output loses the colormap, the workaround is to use the Add Colormap tool to import a colormap (from any input data).

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