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Labeling streets on top of imagery

May 14 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: Labeling


How do I get good-looking street name labels on top of true color imagery? The background colors are so varied it is difficult to find one to show up well universally. Even with halos, some look a bit "funny". Any ideas?


Mapping Center Answer:

In many cases, the better solution for labeling on a multi-colored background, like true color imagery, is to use a shadow rather than a halo. On the Editor window for Text, this is found under the Advanced Text tab. Here, you can set the color of the shadow and the x and y offsets. For text on imagery, either white with a black shadow or black with a white shadow will word well, depending on how dark your imagery is.

Incidentally, halos are best used on a single color background. Setting the halo color the same as the background color allows lines and other features to break around the text so that the text remains legible.

Blog entry may help posted by Charlie Frye on May 19 2009 10:30AM
A while back I did a blog entry on this, containing examples:

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