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Print colour symbology by name

May 14 2009 | 1 comment

I would like to print all colour symbology by name (as seen under the advanced colour selection options). Ideally I would be able to have a print with the colour name and a print of the matching colour. Can it be done and what is the process?

Mapping Center Answer:

If you are referring to all the colour selections in ArcGIS Symbology styles, then the print out for the color styles has already been issued as a PDF for your use. Please use the link below where you will find a listing of PDFs for you to download and print at your convenience. You can either download the separate style contents or all of them together, along with a PDF index file for the contents.



styledump DS posted by Christopher Mathers on May 15 2009 10:26AM
If you have any styles that you've downloaded from other sources, that your office made, or that aren't on that list you should get "styledump". It's a developer's sample that lets you make those pages. The format is exactly the same as those .pdfs so if you bind them all together it will all jive. Just google "styledump developers sample".

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