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Labelling Features with Maplex

May 22 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Maplex

When labelling a feature such as hydrants in an mxd that contains a lot of annotation such as streetnames, I cannot get all the features labelled. I have tried all the conflict resolution and feature weight options but some hydrants label and others don't. This only seems to happen when there are annotation features in the map.

Mapping Center Answer:

Okay, so there are a few potential issues here. 

First, is make sure you are using the most up to date version of ArcGIS that you can.  Since we've released the Maplex Extension we've fixed a number of bugs that produce circumstances that you are describing.

Second, how large of an area are you labeling?  We've found that relative to the amount of memory you have, Maplex can fail a little too gracefully.  In other words the the labeling process looks like it worked.  To test this, set your reference scale to be the intended map production scale, and zoom in on several small areas.  If you're seeing differences in what labeling produces for those small areas, then you may be trying to label an area that is too large relative to the amount of memory you have.  

Last, make sure your expectations are realistic.  Turn off the annotation, and all other labels, except hydrants and see if you get good results for just the hydrants.  If you don't then you'll need to develop another strategy.  Typically this involves increasing the label offset to something like 36-72 points and turning on leader lines in your text symbol.  Worst case is you may have to map at a larger scale.  Experience tells me that if you're also labeling valves and pipes, hydrants are often located within clusters of water delivery assests and you'll want to add leader lines for more than just hydrants.

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