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Parcel hook

May 22 2009 | 2 comments
Categories: Map Data

What is the purpose of a parcel hook?

Mapping Center Answer:

I won't pretend to know everything a Parcel Hook might be used to represent, but what I learned was that they're used to denote parcels that were once of the same larger parcel.  This use wouldn't be as generally applied, so for instance a subdivision plan from a very large lot would not be where a parcel hook would appear.  But when one of those planned parcels gets split at some point in the future, then a parcel hook would be applied.

Parcel hooks posted by Shannon Lunderville on May 27 2009 8:02AM
We use parcel hooks to show parcels that are owned by one owner but are split by something such as a stream or a roadway. The 'hook' would lay across a roadway for example to connect a parcel on one side of the road to a parcel on the other side.
Parcel Hooks posted by Chris Pratt on May 27 2009 10:00AM
Another instance where parcel hooks are used is to denote separate but adjoining tax lots that are owned by the same party.

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