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Stylefiles and ESRI fonts...what´s the connection?

May 25 2009 | 0 comments
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I have various stylefiles which I need to share with other agencies. Someone has mentioned to me that depending on the ESRI licence, the installed ESRI fonts are different. This means that if I create a symbol from an ESRI font that is missing from a user's workstation and save it in a stylefile, the symbol will be displayed wrong.

Can someone confirm that different ArcGIS licences have different installed fonts? It would seem logical that ESRI has basics fonts which are present at every licence level, and then ArcEditor and ArcInfo have extra fonts, but not that the Fonts in ArcView are not present in ArcEditor or ArcInfo.

Also....where do the Simple Marker Symbols come from. As far as I can tell, they are not linked to a font, because I deleted all ESRI fonts as I was testing my hypothesis and all symbols made from these Simple Marker symbols (circle, square, cross etc) were displayed correctly.

Thanks for any help.

Mapping Center Answer:

The fonts have been the same for quite some time but a few new ones were added at 9.3.  These are installed at all license levels (ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo.)  So to answer your question, there should be no difference between the fonts at different license levels.  Note that some extensions do have their own fonts (e.g. ArcPad.)

If you create a symbol using a font (for example as a character marker symbol), then you want to share that symbol, the person you share it with also has to have that font on their computer.  Note that we consider it copyright infringement if you send the font to someone and they are not licensed to use it (e.g., they do not also have a license for our software, which would give them license to the font.)

Simple marker symbols are drawn by the Windows GDI (Graphic Device Interface) so they use neither fonts more graphic files (e.g., bmps or emfs). You can learn more from MicroSoft about the Windows GDI at this Web site:

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