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Automate X,Y Fields to construct lines

May 27 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: Map Data

I am using the SDSFIE model for my datasets. Most of the polyline data contains From X, From Y and To X, To Y fields. Calculate Geometry only gets X,Y centroid of the polyline. The information is stored in each vertex, is there a way to automate the entry of those fields?

Mapping Center Answer:

You’ll need to use a VBA expression in the field calualtor. Use the following code:

Dim Output As Double
Dim pLine As IPolyline
Dim pPoint as IPoint
Set pLine = [Shape]
Set pPoint = pLine.FromPoint

The Output value will be the output of the expression.

Output = pPoint.X

Change FromPoint to ToPoint to get the other end of the line. Also change X to Y for the Y value. So, you’ll need to add 4 fields (ToPointX, ToPointY, FromPointX, FromPointY) and calculate each.

Perfect. posted by Jonah Adkins on May 29 2009 4:29AM
Thanks! Exactly what I needed.

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