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character marker symbol library or master list

June 01 2009 | 0 comments

Does anyone have a good technique for choosing point symbology? Going through each of the symbol groups in the symbol selector is very tedious. I don't find the .pdf files of symbology to be that helpful either. I need to sit down with my customers to choose symbology for their .mxd that is to be published to ArcServer, but I don't have an easy way to show them all of the possible symbols.

Mapping Center Answer:

We wholeheartedly agree that it is a challenge in patience to peruse the entire collection of symbols available in ArcGIS.  Unfortunately, at this time there isn't a better way to view the symbols. There is a redesign in the works with improved searchability in the future for this very reason. But that doesn't solve your immediate problem, of course.

One practical approach for you at this time would be based on your and your clients needs. For your MXDs, you could easily create a customized selection (using copy and paste methods to add symbols into a New Style) that yields a targeted view for your client. So, instead of the existing 20K+ symbols you anticipate your clients need, pick a group of 200 or so. You could mention the ease of extending this New Style to include more symbols and have additional versions (NEW2,NEW3,NEW4 etc.) at hand thus demonstrating that you've done a bit more leg work on your client's behalf. This might help them to circumvent the problem of too many choices.

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