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What standard symbology was used to define the landuse catagories in Arc Map?

June 02 2009 | 2 comments

What source or standard was used for the landuse and zoning color classes in ArcMap?

See attached

Mapping Center Answer:

In ArcGIS, the Civic Style contains land use and zoning colors sourced from several origins. One of these sources is the APA, American Planning Association, through which the land use designations were obtained (shown as a LBCS activity code – and whose designation appears as the symbol category viewable under the style manager). Additional sources were several city planning departments for depiction of common zoning a few of special zoning districts. The entire collection of zoning classes serves as an example range for civic related map.

As an additional note, the LBCS is Land-based Classification Standards, refers to the actual use of land based on its observable characteristics.

where can find this template posted by Elie Rizk on Apr 14 2015 2:35AM
where can we find this template for zoning symbols, is it a personal effort or an ESRI template?
i need to know if there is any standards for zoning coloring.
Styles posted by Aileen Buckley on Apr 14 2015 12:03PM
These are actually styles that are shipped with the software. You can see the contents using Style Manager -- here is a link to a help topic on Style Manager:

As noted in the original answer, the symbols were derived in part from specifications by the American Planning Association. There is no single authoritative source for zoning symbology.

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