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Cartographic Representations in ArcGIS Engine

June 04 2009 | 2 comments
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A customer will use PLTS Nautical to collect/manage data and to create/manage a number of charts. They want to create applications using ArcGIS Engine to view the MXDs that they will be creating. As I understand it, PLTS Nautical makes extensive use of cartographic representations. I know these can be viewed in standard ArcMap (no PLTS installed). I'm wondering if these MXDs can view displayed and used in ArcGIS Engine applications.


Mapping Center Answer:

ArcGIS Engine supports cartographic representations through the Carto reference library. The interfaces that manage representations in ArcGIS Engine can be found under the following directories:

Carto Contents

  • IRepresentationLegendClass: Provides access to the properties and methods of a RepresentationLegendClass
  • IRepresentationRenderer: Provides access to the properties and methods of a RepresentationRenderer

Display Contents

  • IRepresentationGraphics: Provides access to the content of a RepresentationGraphics object.
  • IRepresentationMarker: Provides access to members that control a representation marker.
  • IRepresentationRule: Provides access to members that control a representation rule.
  • IRepresentationRule2: Provides access to members that control a representation rule.
  • IRepresentationRuleInit: Provides access to members that initialize a representation rule.
  • IRepresentationRuleItem: Provides access to methods defining a representation rule item.

Geodatabase Contents

  • IDERepresentationClass: Provides access to members that return information about representation class data elements.

Keep in mind that representation capabilities are determined by the ArcGIS Desktop user license.

A bit more about Engine and PLTS... posted by Jaynya Richards on Jun 29 2009 5:23PM
PLTS now uses representations for all data symbology, and representations are supported on an Engine license, so an MXD rendered with representations will then work. There are however, a small number of additional custom effects and surround elements unique to PLTS. If there unique items are used in the MXDs they will not display correctly without the PLTS desktop being installed on the machine (aka server) where the application lives. This is because the PLTS does not have an Engine install.
how to register a custom IbasicSymbol Component posted by xu liang on Jan 3 2013 7:03PM
how to register a custom IbasicLineSymbol Component,and can it be used in arcgis engine application?

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