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Storm Water Symbology

June 05 2009 | 3 comments

I am looking for some standard symbology to use for Storm Water. Right now I am just using some standard points to represent my features. I was just wondering if there was a place that I could look at some standard symbology, so if need be I can design my own symbols in AutoCAD and import them to GIS. I need symbols that will be universal and easly recongnizable. These are all point features and have no rotation.

Junction Box
Conflict Box

Curb Inlet
Curb Grate Inlet
Grate Inlet
Drop Inlet
Yard Drain

Head Wall

Mapping Center Answer:

If you have ArcGIS, some of items off your list are already available to you in the ArcGIS styles, specifically under the Water Wastewater Style. For some you wouldn't have to go to CAD first, others you might want to. If you open up the style and select one of the existing markers, go to its properties you will see that there is a drop down listing of the fonts available to use, scroll to the ESRI AMFM fonts and take a look at the contents to see if you can use those too. Weir is already in the exisiting style, but items like the Curb Inlet rectangles are contained in the fonts. There are no pattern fills for RipRap as yet.

As for sources, if you have CAD, then the parent company for that product may have some sets of symbols already made for use. Search on terms like, electrical and sewer as well as stormwater and wasterwater in general. Other references are the book series called Time-Saver Standards by De Chara and Crossie, Architectural Standards by Ramsey and Sleeper, and Engineering Design Graphics by James Earle.

Storm water Symbol set posted by drew dowling on Aug 4 2010 10:33AM
Did you create these symbols? I would be interested in seeing them if you did, I have a similar project to do.


Symbols posted by Shannon Johann on Aug 4 2010 10:55AM

I have just stood by the old point features that I was using before. I orignally was looking for an industry wide standard for storm symbology, but was unsuccessful. I have made some tweaks after paying attention to the Asbuilts coming across my desk. I am not using rotation which makes symbology a little more tricky. Sorry I could not help more.

Symbols posted by Shannon Johann on Aug 4 2010 10:57AM

Also if you would like to see what I have just let me know. I do warn you they are very simple.

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