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Export map window suffix options

June 12 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

I have not been able to change the suffix on a map export for a while. I just downloaded ArcGIS 9.3 sv1 today, hoping that would go away. Specifically, I do not have the option to change the file type in the window. It looks like if I grab a corner, I can stretch and see it, but that is not the case. Recently, I opened an old .pdf to print, and it seemed to be corrupted. On a whim I decided to go back to the .mxd and export it again. I was not able to print that .pdf either. Next, I exported it as a .jpg. I can not remember how I got that option, but now I can not export to a .pdf at all. Help! We made a decision to export to .pdf on the forest zone, and now I do not have the option to change file type, and am stuck with a .jpg.

Mapping Center Answer:

On I searched for Export Window and found a quick solution:

It may be that your monitor's display is set too small, e.g., 800x600.

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