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How to combine Randomly Inside Polygon & Variable Size geometric effects?

June 18 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations, Symbology


We have to recreate this symbol called "Scrubland" (see attached). The dots are randomly scattered inside the expanse of the polygon and the sizes are random as well.

When I created this symbol using Cartographic Representations, it seems that I could only choose one between "Randomly Inside Polygon" or "Variable Size."

Is there a way for me to use both?

Mapping Center Answer:

You can't combine two marker placement styles to one representation rule.  So you cannot do what you want with representations.  However, you could create a picture fill symbol that, when tiled, gives the appearance in your attachment.  We got a similar question about a symbol for a rice paddy in another Ask a Cartographer question (

The trick to this approach is to create a fill symbol that does not appear to repeat when it is tiled.  Once way to start is by using a symbol that already works this way.  For example, you could start with either our sand symbol that is installed with the software (it is called sand1.bmp and it's default location would be C:\arcgis\arcgis\arcexe9x\symbols\stipples). Use this in the background and set it to one of your colors.  Then add larger dots of a different color so that they do not overlap the smaller symbols.  And then add a last set of dots that are larger and yet another color.

You won't want to use more than two or three sizes and colors or you will more easily see a pattern when the fill symbol is tiled.

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