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How do I create a line feature with a marker arrow on it?

June 26 2009 | 1 comment

I want to symbolize a polyline feature as a line with a directional arrow repeated at a certain interval.

Do I combine a cartographic line with a marker symbol and save it as a new line symbol?

Can you give an example of how this is done?  Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

You are on the right track here.  You will make a two layer line symbol with a Simple Line Symbol as the bottom layer and a Marker Line Symbol as the top layer.

With your Marker Line Symbol layer highlighted, click on the Symbol button.  Go to the symbol's Properties and from the Type dropdown select Character Marker Symbol (there is also an option for an Arrow Marker Symbol but you do not have the ability to change the type of arrow displayed). 

Select the ESRI Arrowhead font, choose the appropriate arrow for your map, and set the marker's properties (size, color, etc.).  Click OK and OK again.  Once you are back in the Symbol Property Editor for your layered symbol click on the Template tab and adjust the repeat interval for your arrow symbols.  

Adjust the properties of the bottom Simple Line Symbol as well.

Once you are satisfied with your multi-layered line symbol, click OK.  If you would like to save it to your personal style, click the Save button.


arrows don't show direction posted by Jonathan Frishtick on Jul 4 2009 12:27PM
Thank you.
I followed your directions.

The arrows don't "follow" the direction of the Simple Line Symbol. I'm trying not to resort to just using an arrow graphic manually dropped onto the line every so often to show direction of travel.

Is there a way for me to upload a screen capture of this?

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