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Basic Representation Mgt Functions

June 30 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Cartographic Representations

Representations and related rules are great for the cartographer, but painful (or tiresome) when basic maintenance operations are required. Would it be possible to receive some definitive ArcToolbox scripts that aggregate the functionality of existing tools (add, drop) in order to allow the user to easily execute some basic operations (copy, clone, rename, change rule id field name, etc.)? This would seem a straight-forward request for some generic functionality, though I fear I might leave out a step should I make the effort myself. Please? (Or at least could you itemize the generic steps involved for each operation?) Thank you.

Mapping Center Answer:

I haven't seen a set of tools yet, but maybe some user is in the process making them. We aren't making any because we have not yet established a set of repeated processes that we require.

However, anything that is available through ArcToolbox can easily be strung together in a model. If you have not yet tried this, there is some very good supporting documentation on how this can be done:

  1. Geoprocessing tutorial (
  2. Geoprocessing documentation (

At the bottom of this answer are the tools that can be built into ModelBuilder models. Note the one called "Add Representation". In this tool, you have the option to "Import Rule Layer" which means that you can import the representation rules from an existing feature class representation – check the online help to see how this option can be used. I am not sure if this also copies any overrides that may be set.

Note that if you add a representation, you add a new geodatabase object, so if anything is referencing your old object and you replace it with this new object, you have to re-set the references.

Here are the tools that are potentially able to be built into ModelBuilder models:

Cartography Tools

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