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How to use one feature class for map in different scales

July 06 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data, Symbology

I have a question. How can I represent two parallel lines in scale 1:500,000 if the distance between them is to small? I can't use a line symbol offset this is the main problem. You can see the example of the problem in attached file.

Mapping Center Answer:

In this situation, a cartographer would normally "exaggerate" the placement of the line by offsetting one or the other from its real-world location.  While this does mean that you make a change to the underlying data, the impression you are giving the map reader is more realistic since you are maintaining the relative geographic relationships between features.  To make this cartographic edit on your map without actually editing your data, use Cartographic Representations. Here are links to the online help for Moving feature representations and Reshaping feature representations.

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