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data frames won't print transparent over background jpeg image

July 09 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Publishing

I am using a map layout with three individual data frames. I've inserted a picture (jpeg) to use as the map background. However, the data frames won't export with transparency so I can see the background image, they block out the data frames in white even though they are set to hollow (which is also how the appear on my monitor). I've attached an example. Thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

Check out these two Knowledge Base articles -- they should be able to help you:

Maps exported to PNG and/or GIF do not have a transparent background or the background is the same color as the Windows background

Exported map has a gray background instead of being transparent

Beyond that, you might have to contact Technical Support with this question. They may ask you to submit your map and data so that they can try to reproduce the problem if need be. The direct link for submitting a support request to ESRI Support Services is:

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