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Subtype and topology

July 15 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Map Data

I have a problem about creating topology with subtype.
I have created two line feature classes named A and B.
In feature class B, I created 4 subtypes: b1, b2, b3, b4.
When I created topology rule between A and b1, b2 (topology: Must not overlap with). It's OK!
And then, applying topology rule "Must be covered by feature class of" between A and b3. It's OK.
However, "A rule of this type aldready exists for the feature class or feature class subtype" error appeared when applied the same rule (Must be covered by feature class of) between A and b4.

Looking forward to your help. Many thank!

Mapping Center Answer:

Well, like you expect, that ought to work.  Check your topology rules and verify there wasn't any mismatch between what you described and the real data (I've picked the wrong rule more than once because it looked rather similar to what I wanted).

That said, beyond reporting this to technical support and seeing whether they've got a solution, as in this might be a known issue, you could try moving the features of subtype b4 into a new feature class.  If that works, that would get you going sooner.




You can try to create data that following my descr posted by nguyen cobala on Jul 16 2009 1:27AM
Could you explain more obviously your answer? Because English is not my mother-tongue. I'm so sorry! Have any problem with my question? Was it not clear?

P/S: In my data, features of subtype b4 must belong to feature class B.

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