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Using sound in Symbology

July 17 2009 | 3 comments
Categories: Cartographic Design

I've added sound to a map using some custom VBA code. This means when the user moves their mouse over certain polygons, a sound plays. Is there a way to create a 'scale' for this? Ideally this would be in the table of contents, with the information for the other layers.


Mapping Center Answer:

If I understand this right, you want to see something in the TOC and on the map (as the TOC is just an inventory of the kinds of things that will be drawn on the map).  If you've got an attribute that describes the sound, say in terms of decibles (or relative loudness), or duration of the sound, then you could create graduated symbol or color symbology on such fields. If it the type of sound, e.g., "beep", "honk", or "squawk" is an attribute, then you could use unique values symbology.

This also depends on whether the map is meant to be something of a discovery tool, or that a map reader is meant to be promted, through symbols to the sounds they want to hear.  If the former, you might not draw the features that cause the sounds at all, but you could use any of the above methods, just using symbols with "no color", which would give you a legend, giving users an inventory of what they should be finding, without tipping them off.

More questions... posted by Nick Bearman on Jul 23 2009 2:26AM
Thanks for your answer - I think I haven't explained what I'm after very well! The sounds I'm using are in a graduated series, but what I wanted was for the sound to play when the user moves their mouse over the relevant entry in the TOC. Is this clearer?
Mouse-over in the TOC. posted by Charlie Frye on Jul 24 2009 9:01AM
Ah, that, I have no idea how to do. I would suggest the ESRI Developer Network (EDN) at:
Re: Mouse-over in the TOC posted by Nick Bearman on Jul 27 2009 2:10AM
I've already been over there and posted a question but not received any replies. I'll go and have another go!

Thanks for your help.

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