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centerline and surface

July 23 2009 | 2 comments
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I have the surface of the road and the centerline of it. Now I want to set up a rule: "the centerline must be within the surface". How can I could create topology between them? I have read all the rules of ArcGIS topology, but I have not found the one suitable for that yet. Could you help me?

Many thanks!

Mapping Center Answer:

My assumption in answering this is what you are calling the road surface is a polygon feature class.  A line feature class (often called edge of pavement or curb lines) will not work, nor will a raster.  Given that, the rule you want is:

Centerlines Must Be Covered By Feature Class Of Surface

Could you help me reconsider this problem? posted by nguyen cobala on Jul 24 2009 7:43PM
I have checked up all the rule topology in ArcGIS 9.2 and not found the rule "Centerlines Must Be Covered By Feature Class Of Surface".
A line feature class that I mention is centerline of road (not "edge of pavement or curb lines").
Could you help me reconsider this problem?
Oops posted by Charlie Frye on Jul 30 2009 10:06AM
Sorry when I tried this, I didn't see that my polygon feature class was not an option for the second feature class in the rule, but it's name was similar, and so I thought it worked. So, Topology will not work for this problem.

The only thing you can do is use the Select by Location tools where you'd select the centerlines that are contained by the surfaces.

One trick you could do with that to drive an editing workflow, is once you've selected the centerlines that are not contained by the surfaces, convert the vertexes of that selected set of features to a point feature class, and then you can create a topology rule for the points to be "properly inside" the polygons. The editing workflow would be to find the offending points, edit the centerlines, and delete the points.

Here is the link to the help for the Feature Vertices to Points tool:

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