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July 31 2009 | 0 comments
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This might sound like a simple problem but could someone please help. I downloaded thelandcover dataset from the FAO GeoNetwork and it's in geographic coordinates (lat, long) and I wouldlike to convert/project it to cartesian coordinates (eastings and northings). Could anyone help?Thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

You simply need to project the raster to a coordinate system that uses eastings and northings. That would be basically any projected coordinate system. You will have to decide which one you want to use.

You can change the projection of a raster using a couple of different methods. You can use ArcToolbox - the Project Raster tool is in the Raster toolset of the Projections and Transformations toolset in the Data Management Toolbox. For more information about the tool, read the Desktop 9.3 online help topic Project Raster (Data Management).

You could also add the raster to a data frame, change the projection of the data frame and then export the raster. To do this, once the data frame projection properties have all been set, right click the name of the raster in the Table of Contents and click Data, then click Export Data. Under Spatial Reference, check the option to use the spatial reference of the Data Frame. You can opt to add this exported data to your display. The exported data will now have the projection of the data frame.

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