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Z Values

August 03 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I am doing research at Ferrum College and have run into a problem. I have a feature that I am using in ArcMap that shows the location of towers in the county. I did not have the z values for those towers originally so I contacted the owner of the towers to get the height of the equipment on each individual tower. These are the values that I want to use for the z-values so that I can do line of sight analysis from the towers to individual point on the surface. I am having trouble setting these values as my z-values in a way that will please ArcScene can you help me?

Mapping Center Answer:

Did you set up your geodatabase so that you can define z-values?  If not, that could be the problem.  if it is, the easiest solution is to create a new geodatabase with this parameter set and then copy your data into it.

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