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3D Buffer

August 10 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: 3D Mapping

I was wondering if there was a way to make some sort of conical 3D buffer from a point above a surface in arcscene extending down to the ground at a given angle for a given distance to show where the terrain interferes with the buffer?

Mapping Center Answer:

Sorry this took so long...  Here are some rough ideas:

Could be “kind of” done using a cylinder as a point symbol, and manipulating the cylinder thickness (for “buffer size”) and the XYZ angles for the direction in which it points down from the point location… Kind of hard.

Another method would be to have a 2-point line feature (from the start point to some-point-in-the-correct-vector) and symbolize that as a tube. A bit easier on the symbology, a bit harder on the data construction.

Also note that the ‘find intersection on the surface’ piece would then be primarily visual, and not quantifiable as a location that could be exported out to (say) a new feature class.

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