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Style file problems

August 11 2009 | 2 comments
Categories: Symbology

I have a style file that is used in my office. When I add it, the marker symbols draw up as letters. This does not occur for my colleagues.
Thanks for your help.

Mapping Center Answer:

It sounds like you don't have the font that was used as the basis for the marker symbol artwork installed.  Compare your computer's list of installed fonts with one of your colleagues to find the missing font, the copy and paste that font into your Windows\fonts folder.

thanks - now another problem posted by Lori Anne Martin on Aug 11 2009 1:10PM
Thanks, I was missing a font. Now I have another issue/question.

I have an ArcINFO licence (Build 1500), but cannot activate the Maplex extension in the Tools/Extensions menu. Maplex doesn't show up in the list of extensions.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thanks again.
Likely not installed posted by Charlie Frye on Aug 11 2009 2:55PM
Sounds as though Maplex wasn't installed--extensions are an option in the installation program. You should be able re-run the installation program to update your install, and instead of picking the default option, choose the second option where you will be able to select extensions to install. Or you could just do the complete install option.

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