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How do you draw a radial grid?

August 12 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Cartographic Effects, Map Data

I want to draw a set of radial grids centered on a set of points. I can use the multiple buffers tool to get the rings, but I can't figure out how to get the lines radiating from the points at the degrees I want. I could just rotate a line but getting it centered on the point is going to be tricky. Is there an easier way?

Mapping Center Answer:

Nothing I know of just does what you're asking for.  The next best thing would be to produce the buffer rings and then using the Editor and the Cut Polygon Features task.  The trick is to turn on snapping so you always snap the beginnings of your cut lines to the point feature the buffers are based on. Then once you've clicked the first point by snapping to your point, use CTRL-A to manually enter the angle you want to use. 

If your buffer distances are all the same, then you could just cut one set of rings and then select, copy, and paste the others, eyeballing the placement. 

North arrow it. posted by Christopher Mathers on Sep 4 2009 10:27AM
If you have a vector art editor such as InkScape or Illustrator you could make an .emf of the radiating lines, add the .emf as a north arrow or graphic and then simply scale it up to the sixe you need. The .emf has a transparent background by default and being a vector graphic format it is scalable without pixelation. Im not sure about Illustrator but in InkScape you can snap to a grid making drawing your lines quite easy.

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