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Is there a way to change to mixed upper and lower case in maplex for fields that are all upper

August 13 2009 | 3 comments
Categories: Labeling, Maplex

I am trying to label some municipalities with a mix of Upper and Lower case where the labeling field, "MUNINAME", is all upper case. My question is, can I trick the maplex or ESRI labeling engine into turning "TOWN OF BROOKFIELD" into "Town of Brookfield"?

Mapping Center Answer:

Yes, though it is an geoprocessing sample called Label String Management tools.  There is a tool for converting uppercased strings to proper case.  The tool will accomodate many common geographic conventions, like not converting NE MAIN ST to Ne Main St.

Clarification posted by James Landwehr on Aug 13 2009 2:14PM
These are nice tools, but what I was hoping to do was do the labeling without having to change or recalculate the attributes. (i.e. Force the labeling engine to convert to upper/lower case using VBA or some other method.)
Solution found posted by James Landwehr on Aug 13 2009 2:20PM
This link took care of the problem very nicely.

watch out for abbreviations posted by Charlie Frye on Aug 13 2009 5:28PM
Like I was noting with the NE, other abbreviations include things like road type--such as "US ROUTE 66". Thanks for sharing your solution.

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