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Multiple Data views in a layout

August 13 2009 | 1 comment
Categories: ArcGIS Methods, Cartographic Design, Cartographic Effects, Map Elements, Page Layout

I am creating a map that features several communities in the San Bernardino National Forest. My data is for the whole forest, and I need to be able to display all the communities on the same 8.5 x 11 map. To accomplish this I created a separate dataframe for each community, and each dataframe has exactly the same data in it. Is there a way to achieve the same effect, but only have one copy of the data? Each frame could have the same scale, but it is not imperative. I also want to be able to create a temporal animation by month of our data. Will that be possible with this layout? Many thanks.

Mapping Center Answer:

There's no way to do what you're asking.  The main trick with that map is to get the design for the data frame's properly implemented on one of them, then copy and paste the data frame--panning to the correct location in each newly pasted copy. 

The animation should be possible, though it may tax your hardware, depending on the complexity.  Additionally, you may want to make additional physical copies of your data to support the animations--consider that several animations trying to read the same dataset simultaneously is likely to have file I/O issues.  Maybe that doesn't have to be in ArcMap?  It might be easier and more effective to produce the animations as AVI files (for example) and put them in a web page or powerpoint document.  None of us have more than two eyes, so seeing multiple animations simultaneously is much more likely to produce overload than knowledge.

I'm interested in this, too. posted by Doug Fenske on Oct 22 2009 8:35AM
This would be great functionality to have. I know of GIS software made by another company that is capable of doing this. However, I'm really attached to ArcGIS. :-)

It seems to me (I'm not a developer) that this would be feasible to develop, as it seems very similar to what the Mapbook tool already does.

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