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Saving layers in geodatabases

August 13 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: ArcGIS Methods

In 9.0 it was possible to save layers inside a geodatabase. As I recall it was a VB customization and not standard. I cannot seem to find any references to that customization anymore. I know that VB6 is not supported anymore but I would think something would have replaced it.

Mapping Center Answer:

Storing layers in a geodatabase has never been out-of-the-box, supported functionality.  Yes, it is possible to implement such a feature with ArcObjects.  And, VB6 is still available--Microsoft is not supporting it (as of March 2008). 

There is an ArcObjects Sample for doing what you're asking for:

And it was written based on 9.0 and VB6--so it may requires some updating.  Nothing I could find has replaced this sample.

Since I'm not sure what you're doing or require such functionality for, it might be worth checking into the layer package functionality in 9.3.1 to see if that will help.


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