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Power Pole Numbering System

August 17 2009 | 0 comments
Categories: Map Data

I am looking for ways to improve our existing pole numbering system which is very confusing. I suggested using a numbering system that identifies the feeder followed by the pole number. Not to mention how to identify laterals, down guy poles, dead ends and other circuits that share the same pole. Does anyone have any numbering system that sounds similar to this? Thank you

Mapping Center Answer:

So, this is a little out of our area of expertise.  Have you posted this on our Electric and Gas forum?  The URL is:

My sense is that most such numbering systems have their roots in some kind of regionalization of the utility's terrritory, often this is as simple as how growth within that territory occurred.  The drawback to that kind of system is that it is difficult to teach to new workers.   Going in the other direction, a numbering system that is purely arbitrary, such as a cartesian plane based system is difficult to work with because problems often trace into too many cells, making it difficult to explain the scope of the problem or manage other processes that are perfectly logical in terms of the electricity delivery system.

So, the solution is likely some sort of hybrid likely based on a better (hindsight being 20/20) understanding of the electrical grid in the sense that it is also a network with logical branches, sources, and such.

Anyway, I let the team that monitors the electric and gas forum know about your question and they agreed to monitor your posting there and add anything they could to help.

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